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  • How long will you be there for?
    This totally depends on your personal requirements, I am fully flexible, whether its 6 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours or even ovenight, together we can create a bespoke package. Minimum booking is 6 hours.
  • What if my baby won't settle and I am the bride?
    This is a commonly asked question, and my answer is always the same. Our children behave and act very differently for others (such as nannys') as they do for their own mums and dads. The Shropshire Wedding Nanny will use her mum experience as well as early years knowledge to ensure you baby is happy and settled.
  • Can I meet you before?
    Yes, absolutely. I offer a Meet and Greet option which is free of charge *subject to location. Meet and Greet opportunities are important for the following reasons; 1. Beneficial to children to familiarise themselves with the nanny and get to know each other. 2. Beneficial to parents to ease any worries or ask any questions they may have. 3. Talk through the timeline of the day alongside child's routine. 4. Note down any specific requests or allergies. Usually the Meet and Greet would be booked 1-2 weeks prior to event date, ideally in the child's own home where they feel safe and secure. However, where this is not possible we can make alternative arrangements.
  • Do you have a DBS Check?
    Yes, I hold a clean and current enhanced DBS certificate which is updated yearly. A copy of this can be seen if requested.
  • What services do you provide?
    The Wedding Nanny - Full day Package or Half Day Package each that can be tailored made to suit. Overnight Care. Occasional Childcare. Childcare for all events.
  • How many children can you cater for?
    The Shropshire Wedding Nanny adheres to a strict ratio policy which is slightly different to those of Ofsted, which I use as a guidance. The Shropshire Wedding Nanny is exempt from registering with Ofsted. This all depends on the age of the children, after many years experience alot of this comes down to common sense and the safety and well being of the children in my care. For example, I would require a second Nanny to join me if I had an event which was for twin 1 year olds and a 2.5 year old, as even though Ofsted guidlines state that the ratio would be 1 qualfied adult to three children, in my professional opinion I feel that this is good practice.
  • What area do you cover?
    I currently cover Shropshire, North West and North wales, but The Shropshire Wedding Nanny is starting to branch out futher, so please get in touch.

Here are a few of the most common questions I get asked when a client gets in touch. But if the question you are looking for isn't on here, please pop me a message. No question is a silly question and your babies are my priority

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