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Wedding Nanny Package

Undoubtedly, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your entire life, and if like me you decided to start a family first, hiring help on your big day is something to seriously consider.  Whether you are looking for childcare for a few hours, the evening, the whole day or overnight, I offer something for everyone.
I am extremely flexible and will do my very best to accommodate your needs.

Please get in touch for futher details

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Planning a wedding, and unsure how to best cater for your children or guests children so everyone can enjoy the day?

 Throughout your special day, it can become quite overwhelming for your little VIPs. Your children will still require their usual routine, they are creatures of habit after all, but who will take care of their needs?  How would Nanny Dot feel if she missed part of the service because she took little Jimbob for a nap, or Auntie JoJo missed the speeches because she was taking little Rose to the toilet?

These are just some of the worries that can crop up when planning a wedding or event where little ones are invited...but what if there was an alternative?? That’s where I step in... The Shropshire Wedding Nanny gives you peace of mind at all times throughout your BIG day, knowing that your child/children are taken care of at every moment. 

Whether it is just babysitting in the evening, or you require a nanny for the whole day/overnight I am extremely flexible.  You may want the nanny to be in the background on stand by, or to be more of an active role on your big day. My main aim is to ensure your children are entertained, happy and well taken care of.



My AIM is to create a personal and unique experience for each family, no fancy set up, just me, myself and I, oh and & a few props for the day. To ensure each bride/groom can relax knowing their little gems are safe, secure and happy on undoubtedly the biggest day of their life.

My GOAL is to deliver that home from home care, cherishing every moment, literally step in to the shoes of mum/dad the best way I can that day whilst you focus on saying "I do". To be there for every giggle and soothe away any tears.

My VALUES are to:
•Always strive for excellence
•Always be transparent
•Always be fun
•Make an impact

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